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Our Sydney breast augmentation Sydney and breast implant surgery includes an array of innovative procedures that for some women will be to add volume to the breasts for improved shape, firmness and enhanced body proportions.

While for other women their breast augmentation surgery may be to reduce or lift the size of the breast that are either too large or have sagged with time creating a more rejuvenated and youthful breast shape. Dr Scott Turner can also rebuild the breast for women who have undergone a mastectomy and exploring the option of Breast reconstruction.

We offer a variety of breast augmentation and enhancement treatments including breast lift specific procedures to suit every woman no matter what your size or shape, to give you a look that is natural and beautiful.

Why Dr Scott J Turner for Your Sydney Beast Implants or Augmentation Surgery?

If you have been considering a breast enlargement or reduction augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure it is essential that you are confident and comfortable with your chosen plastic surgeon. Dr Scott J Turner is an awarded, experienced and a very highly regarded Sydney breast augmentation and breast implant surgeon known for performing world leading, safe, effective and natural augmentation procedures of the breast. He performs cosmetic breast augmentation, enlargement and reduction surgical procedures at his breast surgery practices in Sydney on the Northern Beaches, Inner West and North Shore as well as having a regional breast enhancement clinic in Newcastle.

Dr Scott Turner is renowned for understanding and implementing with precise accuracy the most relevant and world leading breast augmentation procedures for his patients at his Sydney and Newcastle breast specific clinics. If you have made the decision that now is the time to consider a breast enlargement, breast augmentation or reduction type surgery then Dr Scott Turner is a Sydney plastic surgeon that will ensure that you will be extremely happy with the entire process and most importantly the lasting results of your surgery which will improve your general appearance and overall confidence.

These cosmetic based procedures are ideal for a variety of candidates including:

  1. Women who have uneven mammary glands that lead to one breast being larger in size compared to the other
  2. Men who require gynecomastia surgery due to the unsightly appearance of what is known as “man boobs”
  3. Women who have undergone a mastectomy and require a breast reconstruction procedure for restoration
  4. Women who have small breasts and would like to have a breast enlargement
  5. Breast reduction Sydney procedures are also a common surgical procedure, generally for women 45 years and older who would like to reduce, lift and re-shape their breasts, generally following child birth.

What is Involved During the Initial Breast Enhancement Consultation?

After booking your initial consultation with Dr Turner at one of his Northern Beaches, North Shore, Inner West, Sydney or Newcastle locations, Dr Turner will meet with you personally to discuss your specific requirements, understand your reasons around considering breast surgery and will then advise you on what your options are based on the desired results you are hoping for following a breast augmentation procedure.

The initial consultation will begin with Dr Turner assessing the current size, volume and proportions or your breasts as well as determining your ideal look, size and feel after breast surgery is performed. Dr Turner will guide you through the process always providing an experienced perspective on what procedure, implant size or reconstruction operation will produce the best result while all along taking into account your overall goals. You will also have the added benefit of being able to see what your breasts will look like following your Sydney breast augmentation procedure with Dr Turners advanced visual imaging processing technology. You will be encouraged to ask questions during the initial consultation and Dr Turner will also discuss with you any potential risks (generally very low) that should be considered prior to undergoing breast implant enlargement surgery, lifts or a reduction.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Sydney and Newcastle

Once you have consulted Dr Turner and agreed that you would like to proceed with a breast enhancement surgery procedure at either one of his Sydney breast augmentation clinics on the Northern Beaches, North Shore or Inner West a date will be scheduled for you cosmetic surgery operation. If you are located on the Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle region, the same process will occur with a procedure date scheduled at his Merewether operating facility at the Lingard Medical Centre.

Every procedure begins with a general anesthetic ensuring you are asleep during the entire breast augmentation plastic cosmetic surgery procedure. Your desired implant that you have selected under the guidance of Dr Turner will be inserted just behind the breast tissue area or below the muscle region of the chest wall. From an implant breast augmentation perspective this specific surgical procedure will push the natural breast tissue up and forward as well as adding extra volume and shape producing fuller, more round firmer breasts.

Breast Implant Sydney Options – What Breast Enlargement Implant is Right For You?

Advancements in plastic surgery practices and procedures are happening regularly and Dr Turner is always aware and current as to what new insights, products and operating procedures can be used to better assist his patients with their overall well being, confidence and quality of life following a successful breast augmentation surgical experience. On your initial consultation if considering a breast implant enlargement surgery you will be provided with the choice of either saline or silicone implants from which Dr Turner will advise you on what particular cosmetic product will be the best fit for you. Within this choice there will also be the shape of the implant that needs to be considered in regards to either a more round or natural looking tear drop shape.

Other Sydney breast implant considerations will relate to the site of the incision on your body and there are various options in regards to this:

  1. An incision may be made through the crease of the breast
  2. Via the arm pit
  3. Directly through the nipple

You will discuss these options along with the texture of the implants during your initial consultation and will have peace of mind knowing that Dr Turner will provide expert and experienced advice in relation to breast enhancement best practices at all stages of the breast surgery process, ensuring that when you are ready to commit to your procedure that you will be receiving the best breast augmentation surgical procedure possible, specific to your desired outcomes and body.

Recovery Following Surgery

During your initial consultation Dr Turner will also cover what is required following your breast related surgical procedure. Generally most patients will need to dedicate around 3-4 weeks following a Sydney breast augmentation procedure. Dr Turner’s team of plastic surgery recovery specialists will keep in regular contact following your surgery to ensure your health is in check and that you are following your day to day procedures following your operation to ensure faster healing and optimal recovery. You will meet with Dr Turner at his rooms each week following your breast enhancement augmentation cosmetic procedure for further peace of mind. All patients that undergo breast surgery will also be required to practical garment across the breast region that will also facilitate support and healing of the breasts and at the incision site. All patients are also discouraged to take part in any form of physical excercise for up to 6 weeks following surgery.

Contact our Sydney practice today to book your breast augmentation, facial or cosmetic surgery body related consultation.