Plastic Surgeon Sydney Practice principles

My highly trained staff and I will do everything to ensure our patients are fully informed, while providing exceptional, world class cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, in a personal and caring environment.

Being a specialist, boutique practice we are solely dedicated to cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. This allows us to grow closer to our patients, to gain a better understanding of your hopes and desires for your treatment and/or surgery.

As your plastic surgeon Sydney specialist, I will personally attend to your initial consult, assessment and procedure evaluation, as well as personally perform your treatment or procedure.

I regularly attend aesthetic congresses both in Australia and abroad, to give you access to the latest, most natural, effective and safest surgical procedures. Whether you’re researching for a professional in breast augmentation, botox, liposuction, tummy tucks or cosmetic surgery procedures, I ensure you are informed and aware of the latest technologies available for your consideration.

Remember, everything I do is dedicated to maximising and improving your quality of life. To give you the natural and beautiful results you want to help you look and feel better.

Our unique approach

When you choose our practice, you’re in the hands of a plastic surgeon Sydney specialist you can really trust. A specialist who will make you feel comfortable at all times. Who will give you the time you need to answer all your questions and allay any fears. And who will make certain the procedure you choose is right for you.

We make every effort to keep your visit private and discreet. From your very first consultation I’m confident you’ll feel like you’re in the right hands. And because everyone is different, both physically and emotionally, we make sure you receive a customised evaluation and procedure plan, designed to meet your individual needs.

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Think carefully, choose wisely

The decision to pursue plastic surgery should not be taken lightly. It requires careful thought and information gathering. Above all, you should feel safe and comfortable that you are in the right hands at an accredited facility. Why a plastic surgeon explains why you should only ever consider a qualified plastic surgeon.

Our mission is to provide you with the best care in a safe and comfortable environment, where your well-being and satisfaction always come first.

What about men?

Naturally our practice pledge to help you look and feel better extends to men too. Dr Scott Turner performs cosmetic procedures for men including gynaecomastia, male facelifts and liposuction

For more information on Male procedures please click here.

Any questions or concerns?

Contact us now if you have any concerns or questions you’d like answered by email, or simply to make your first appointment to meet and talk with plastic surgeon Sydney specialist, Dr Scott Turner in person.

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